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Dr. Dannie E. Williams

General Practitioner

Dr. Dannie E. Williams moved to St. Louis as a General Practitioner with a focus on Family Medicine. She received her Bachelor of Science from Xavier University in New Orleans in Biology. During her time at Xavier she enjoyed participating in many community outreach programs, but was particularly involved in the campus NAACP, where she led the community service committee. She often led programs that engaged the city of New Orleans through rehabilitation programs for schools that included painting and restoring dilapidated schools.

Dr. Williams always knew that there was a place for her in medicine, but did not feel that going to medical school immediately was for her. Therefore, after graduating from Xavier, she went on to pursue her Masters of Public Health from Tulane University Tulane University with a focus on International Health and Development. During this time, she met colleagues from around the world who were leaders in their professional fields and included people that were physicians, Ministers of Health and Directors of Public health programs in places such as Myanmar, Haiti, South Africa and Pakistan. Meeting people from developing countries which lacked the myriad resources that the United States had, but who were somehow able to enact effective public health programs was eye-opening and made an immediate impression on Dr. Williams, convincing her that limited resources does not always limit the delivery of quality care. This insight pushed her to broaden her horizons and leave the country to see how other healthcare systems worked. By traveling to places such as Guatemala and Peru during her time in graduate school to learn and then eventually work with programs such as Foundation for Sustainable Development, Dr. Williams was able to participate in community health programs at a grassroots level. Through her participation in these programs she became even more motivated to pursue her medical degree.

Dr. Williams did eventually pursue and receive her medical degree from the University of Texas. From there she went on to participate in a surgical residency; however, decided to leave surgery to pursue primary care medicine where her heart truly lies. Dr. Williams has been certified in Advance Trauma and Life Support (ATLS) and Fundamentals of Critical Care (FCCS). Dr. Williams has a special focus on preventative health for everyone, but is particularly dedicated to women’s health and education. She is fluent in Spanish and enjoys Traveling, Yoga, Reading, and Theater. Her professional affiliations include American College of Surgeons, Tri Beta Biological Honor Society and American Association of Family Physicians.

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